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Top Gift Ideas for New Generation


Are you fed up with gifting and receiving mundane gifts? If yes, you have come to the right place. The world is changing fast then why not our choice of gifts!

Printedman presents you the gifts that do not kill the wow factor, have a twist on new technology, without going out of your budget!

What are you waiting for? Scroll down.



An attempt to provide specialized and well designed gifts with new technology to this new generation.

Made up of wood, cut in perfect thickness and measurement, these Logos have embedded LED lights for a splendid look at night as well.

They come in small and large sizes with remote control and provide you a choice of up to 13 lights including white light and three special effects.

These easy-to-purchase, customizable gifts will surely leave your loved ones amazed and smiling. And why just for them, you can even buy one for yourself, after all, who knows you the best than you, yourself! Self-love above all else.

Instead of going to gift shops and getting your time wasted, its better to choose new gifts with customization and get your loved ones excited and smiling with their  new generation and trending gifts at the walls of their room.



Birthday Special

Mobile Cover

The day we get to express our gratitude to our loved ones by spoiling them with hugs, gifts, kisses, and wishes. We understand how special birthdays are and how one gift type doesn't fit all. That's why, here in Printedman, we provide you with plenty of customizable options. Creativity, innovation, and personal touch - all in one! Decor items, items for daily use; you name it, we have it. Don't worry. We won't let you go unsatiated.


There are many more things that can be used by your loved ones to decorate their home and they will be lifetime thankful to you for such a gift.

Wall Frame

Love is in the air

Are you bored of gifting flowers and chocolates year by year? Or are you a newbie looking for something out of the box? Be it the honeymoon period or the level where you are comfortable enough to show each other your awkward side. Your quest ends here because you have come to the right place. Designed with love, crafted from romance, we bring you gifts that are all about making your loved one feel like they are the only one. This valentine's day, choose us to help you celebrate your togetherness.

So here are some of the gifts which can feel them with happiness and love;

Heart Wall LOGO


 This should be a gift which can always and anytime give them a feeling that their loved ones or you is close to them.

Wall Frame


Friends Forever 

Round, tall, funny, dumb, wise, senseless - they come in all shapes and sizes! But they are our friends, choco chips to our cookie, we can't get enough of them! For every type of friend, Printedman has something to offer that will make them elated and grateful to have a friend as thoughtful as you! Gamers, binge-watchers, spiritual beings, fitness freaks, defense aspirants, entrepreneurial, etc. We have something for every type. Customizable, innovative with creativity at its peak!

PUBG Lovers


A best gift to give to your PUBG lovers hanging it on the wall just behind their PC makes them feel more excited and happy and as usual they will be so thankful to you for it.



This is something you can gift to your friend who is an aspirant of Defense Forces and keen to join.


Something to motivate them and to tell them to not to give up and carry on and in this journey you are with them at every single stage to help and support.

Spiritual BABAS

One or two person are always there in a group who are spiritual and love to prayer and believe so much in it that they do it before every exam if you remember the "Raju of 3 Idiots".

So here are some of the suggestions for them.


This should be a perfect gift not only for your friends but also for your parents or grandparents who are very fond of praying. Of course, they will shower their blessings on you after such a beautiful gift which can mean a lot to them.


It can be a perfect design for your newly built "pooja room" also, replacing that old custom of photos and statues. Even it can lasts longer than them and you need not to put it under a 'peepal tree'. Right!

Adiyogi LED LOGO

No Doubts you have friends who are a big worshipper or a big fan of Mahadev and his adventures. So it can suit best to gift such a thing to your best friend which they can hang on their walls with special effects.


It is not only to worship but also for meditation. A best thing to give to your Yoga and meditation lover friend.


I hope whole group is a TV series lover these days. Aghhhhhh, there are always exception but never mind you can give a perfect gift to your besties who are TV SERIES lovers and Bing watchers.


So these are some of the 3D LED LOGOs of famous TV series that almost every group love to watch, including the Avengers shown above.

 But the most watched TV Series till now is "Friends", as the name suggests it depicts friendship, a bond for forever and ever.

Friends LED lOGO


GYM Lovers 

No Doubts again that every single group in this world have a GYM lover. So we have something for them also.


We can assure you they will love it by heart and you are a special one only who are giving them so much happiness.



Hope! football lovers will forgive us for giving extra respect to Manchester City but there are many more designs on the website, just go and check your favorite.

START UP wala Friend

In todays world, Startups are very common and even a group of friends or a few friends in a group, always think to start something during college days or after their college. Implementing new ideas is always worth risk taking. So, to boost their morale and confidence in their STARTUP, just provide them with their customized design  of LED LOGO. After they hang it on their wall, just never forget to make videos of their smile because it is the biggest happiness you are giving to them. For a startup nothing is more beautiful in this world than their own Business LOGO, that also with such specialized effects.

Here are some of the customized LED LOGOs for  your reference to the designs in which you can gift them their own Business LOGO.

asas th


This concludes our list of gifts for top gift ideas for new generation but still you have plenty of ideas and designs and don't hesitate to think outside the box for the customized designs. We hope you are enjoying your life with friends. Keep Smiling! 


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